Remember how much we enjoyed playing outdoor when we were kids?

Welcome to the first Islamic Nature-based Kindergarten! IDRISSI Nature Preschool is a licensed kindergarten under the Ministry of Education MALAYSIA and CAMBRIDGE International Preschool programme. We follow the mandated curriculum in an innovative nature-based outdoor-indoor play concept with Islamic principles of learning. It is no secret that children and nature go together. Studies have shown the importance of introducing children to nature beginning in the early years. The development of their social, emotional, and physical health depends on this exposure. Humans are hardwired to need nature as we are part of it as created by Allah SWT.

Each day in IDRISSI Nature-based Preschool classroom, a live creature may be highlighted to incite our children's interest. Organic items will be used in learning activities and natural materials will be introduced to challenge their thinking. These include findings from the beach, forest, and other habitat of ecosystem. For IDRISSI preschoolers, discovering what is hidden in one’s own backyard is a great place to start! It is where children get up-close and personal with the environment. This kind of learning prepares children for the primary level, where they will deepen their nature knowledge by studying about the world at large, beyond the Literacy and Numeracy.

There can never be too much nature inside a classroom! It is the antidote to the fast-paced, stressful world in which our young children live. IDRISSI Nature-based Preschool incorporates the following learning programmes which provide the balance of PLAY and LEARN.

NATURE-BASED Early Childhood Learning Programme:

  • A full day program from 8am to 3pm
  • A small ratio of  1 teacher + 1 facilitator : 25 students

QURANIC reading and learning values

Morning ZEN TIME of Communication & Critical Thinking

LITERACY with Early Childhood Nature-based learning:-

  • CAMBRIDGE International School

NUMERACY with Early Childhood Nature-based learning:-

  • CAMBRIDGE International School

Children Physical Fitness