Preparing our children for both dunya and akhirah!

IDRISSI ISLAMIC CURRICULUM : The best approach to success is through encouraging children to instill the love of the One Creator and His Messenger. With the Qur’an as guidance and the Prophet’s many exemplary traditions, children will have a deeper understanding of the opportunities that surround them and the world they live in. Our Islamic curriculum is approved by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The five core areas taught are Aqeedah, Qur’an & Science, Seerah & Islamic History, Ibaadat, and Morals & Manners. 

CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS : This world-class curriculum is the framework to traditional academics that include English, Mathematics, and Science. The curriculum emphasises hands-on practice to embed key concepts, and each subject is presented creatively with emphasis on individualised learning. 

MEANINGFUL LANGUAGES : A central part of IDRISSI's curriculum is preparing our children for an interconnected world and the demands of a 21st-century society. Our Meaningful Languages of Arabic and IDRISSI Bahasa Melayu & Alam™ will encourage divergent thinking skills, enhance cognitive development, and stimulate significant interaction to meet the demands and opportunities of globalisation. 

SCIENCE, DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY : Young students are naturally curious about how things work. At IDRISSI International School, we nurture this innate trait by introducing Malaysia’s first Physical Science and Engineering subjects as  part of a curriculum. Inspired by the Cambridge International Examinations, the syllabus is designed for hands-on activities and experiments that will challenge students to question and make observations. In our children-friendly specialty labs, students work individually or in groups to explore science, build on communication skills, interpret data and develop positive relationships between science and faith.