Think the fun stops in classrooms? Think again! Besides the daily active learning, students at IDRISSI School are also 'spoilt' (read: blessed!) with our experiential Eco Muslim Scouts programmes. These are designed to hone students’ innate curiosity about their natural surroundings besides fostering a link with their Creator. It encourages students to be eco-friendly and proactive even outside of school hours, cultivates children self-initiative and exploration, instills good habits and eco-lifestyle, and develops leadership skills among the scouts. Eco Muslim Scouts utilize the outdoor as their classroom for holistic and purposeful learning experience.


Eco Muslim Scouts will have the chance to experience:

  • Backwoods Cooking - A method of cooking without the use of utensils
  • Camp Craft - Skill and practice in the activities relating to camping
  • First Aid/Home Aid - Basic safe and rescue techniques for minor injuries/situations
  • Nature Collector - Extraordinary collection of things from nature
  • Orienteering - A kind of sport that requires navigational skills to go from point to point using a map and a compass
  • Photographer - The art and practice of creating durable images
  • Archery - The sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows