We're really proud of our school, and we hope you’ll like it too!

As the world’s first and only eco-Islamic school, IDRISSI has taken great care in designing a play institute that reflects this ethos. We have 16 study rooms spread across two buildings, connected by a bridge that crosses over a tranquil fish pond. Our structure is built according to the Green Building Index (GBI) standard, and offers eco-friendly characteristics including - but not limited to - a rainwater harvesting system, a vertical garden and energy-saving features. Imagine; the water we flush down the toilet is actually from rain!

The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) programme provides the core of our academic framework. Meanwhile, experiential and eco-based, hands-on learning offers flexibility to develop each child’s individual interests and talents. Our IDRISSI Islamic Curriculum takes the learning model one step further. Rooted deeply in each lesson and activity is character development guided by the Qur’an and Sunnah (Prophetic traditions). We enrich and vitalise each curriculum and activity with Islamic ethics and values to further achieve our aims and objectives of an Islamic education in the realm of a western curriculum.

All these elements – active participation, learning by doing, and community orientation – InsyaAllah, will prepare our children to be well-rounded, successful Muslims, and global green citizens of the world.